About Me

About me


Samantha Liddick


I came to Seattle from Ithaca, New York. I am deaf and use American Sign Language. Graduated from Gallaudet University in Washington, DC with a double bachelor’s degree in Photography and Graphic Design.

Photography has been my passion since I was four years old. Self-Portrait Photography is my favorite. It gives me a way to express the art encompassed my heart and mind. My self portraits reveal how my mind works. They capture my passion and the fantasy I create. This is my escape from the real world and I invite you to enjoy it. I developed an appreciation for landscape photography because I currently live in one of the most beautiful states. I am an adventurous spirit, the pictures I share is the best way I can show you beauty. 

Previous Exhibitions:

  • Collegetown Bagel in Ithaca, New York December 2013
  • Gimme! in Ithaca, New York December 2014
  • Collegetown Bagel in Ithaca, New York February 2015
  • Chocolate & Art Show in Seattle, Washington October 2016
  • Muse in Bend, Oregon March 2016
  • Cafe Appassionato in Seattle, Washington March 2017
  • RAW in Seattle, Washington September 2017
  • Deaf Art Exhibition in Seattle, Washington 2018