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Bill Liddick
 The Kayaking Photographer

What you will see in the photos are a love for the outdoors, kayaking and photography.  It is great to take these hobbies and bring them together to capture wildlife and the outdoors.

My actual photography equipment is minimal.  I use a Cannon Powershot SX70 with no special lenses.  My additional photography equipment includes my hiking shoes and my kayak.  You may not consider them photography equipment, but they are what get me into the position to take the photos that you see here.

Last but not least is my patience.  I have spent hours walking on the frozen St Lawrence River and Cayuga Lake in 0-degree weather and floated silently in my kayak for long periods of time to get close to nature.  It is a true love of the outdoors and capturing these special scenes that really make it all worth it.  Or it may be that I am just a little crazy

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy taking them.

Spa Day



Shine in the Blue

Golden Fog

Mini World

Fire Dragonfly 

Dewy Morning

Water Colors

Winter Beauty

Sami Liddick

 PNW Photographer

When I moved to Seattle, WA, their environment inspired me to be a nature photographer. I was fascinated by West Coast with many different elements such as lands, mountains, forests, etc. I travel around PNW by hiking, driving, and camping. The moment when I knew I am home. 

Fall Fog

Teal Bug

Snow Desert



Mist Morning


Petal Rain

Blue Lake


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