Hi, I am Sami!
Greetings, everyone! It is a pleasure to introduce myself. I am full time artist live in the vibrant city of Seattle.
I had the privilege of attending Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. There, I dedicated myself to expanding my horizons and honing my creative skills, resulting in a double bachelor's degree in Photography and Graphic Design.
Photography has always been more than a hobby; it is my true passion, deeply ingrained in my soul. Among the myriad of photography genres, body art photography holds a special place in my heart. It provides a unique platform for me to convey the art encapsulated within the hearts and minds of individuals. Through my creative vision, I strive to reveal the inner workings of my mind, capturing my boundless passion and the fantastical realms I bring to life. It is within these realms that I find solace, my escape from the constraints of the real world.
I'm thrilled to be opening Etsy shop. The shop name is Samixedmedia. With a passion for creating recycle art. I find joy in giving new purpose to discarded materials, transforming them into unique and meaningful works of art. My art reflects my belief in sustainability and the importance of repurposing.
I invite you to embark on a visual journey and witness the world through my eyes.
Image Description: The portrait of Sami sitting on the chair and looking to the camera. There were artworks over the wall behind Sami.. Sami wearing the purple strips shirt top, jeans, and red glasses. she smiled.