FILM Photography

image description: This is a black and white photograph of a woman with short blonde hair wearing a black shirt. The dominant colors in the image are grey and black, giving it a monochromatic feel. The woman's face is the main focus of the photo, as she stands against a plain wall with her hands on her head.

portrait Session:
standard Portraits
Black and white only
1 hour

Image Description: On the beach, a woman in a sequined shirt stands, her hand behind her head, enjoying the serene atmosphere. The water, sand, and blue sky with fluffy clouds create an idyllic setting.

Poetry of Curves Session:
Body art portraits

BLack/white and color
Two hours

Image description: The couple were cuddling and staring at each other on the bed. The woman was wearing boutique and the man topless with the boxer. They smiled and in love.

Euphoric Sensations Session:
express your love through physical contact

Couple or multiple
Black/white and color
two hours +

Image description: The close up of the toddler boy kissed his newborn sister on the bed. There was a woman behind both of her children. She smiled and looked at her children.

Starting at $200

Family, Engagement, or event
upon a request (click here)
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